Sex Slaves in the Catholic Church

This investigation reveals that thousands of nuns were sexually abused for decades by priests across all continents. From 1994 until 2015 the Vatican was alerted by internal confidential reports about churchmen that regularly rape nuns in more than 23 countries. These reports have been hushed up and the rapists continue to harm freely. With the complicity … Continue reading “Sex Slaves in the Catholic Church”

Around The Globe

Jules Verne used to say: “Life is short and the world is wide”. Criss-crossing the planet with disregard for distance but with a thirst for authentic encounters, “Around the Globe” offers a visually outstanding journey around the world: discovery, sport, nature, tradition, gastronomy, unusual modes of transport… Each half an hour episode features one theme with five amazing destinations.

Fabienne Lopeo

Fabienne Lopéo: The Angers pedophile network case THE ANGERS PEDOPHILE NETWORK In 2002, the biggest case of pedophilia in France breaks out in Angers. For more than two years, Fabienne Lopéo of the juvenile brigade leads the investigation. It’s a case that will affect his life deeply. 

Bertrand Depierre

Bertrand Depierre: The Agnès Marin case MURDER AT THE BOARDING SCHOOL In November 2011 Agnès Marin, 13, vanishes from her boarding school in the Cévennes. Lieutenant-Colonel Depierre heads the enquiry. After 48 hours of interrogating witnesses and searching in wintery conditions, the body is found in the forest.

The Lovers III: Headache

A domestic quarrel between an extraordinary couple. Two lovers, a man with no body and a headstrong woman! How does one satisfy the other in these conditions?

Mona Lisa: Nightly Complaint

Mona Lisa, diva of the Louvre, drives the museum security staff up the wall. A bona fide megalomaniac, she is hoping to impose her new diet on everyone.

Mona Lisa: Tinder

Loneliness weighs heavy on Mona Lisa, so she resorts to an online dating app to pick someone up. And unleashes a flood of messages between GusHotAss and LoveRomantic69…