Bogdan’s Journey


Kielce, Poland was the site of Europe’s last Jewish pogrom. It occurred in 1946, a year after WWII ended. Townspeople killed forty holocaust survivors seeking shelter in a downtown building, and injured 80 more around the city. 60 years later, Bogdan Białek, a Catholic Pole, psychologist, and journalist, emerges to talk publicly about the issue. Over time and with great effort, he persuades the people of Kielce to confront a painful piece of their hidden history. Beginning as a solitary figure, he attracts a community of like-minded individuals along the way. Engaged in a battle of competing narratives, he cuts through the fog of repression and denial, and confronts the deepest prejudices in his fellow citizens. “Bogdan’s Journey” was filmed for almost a decade.

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  • Genre: Features History
  • Length: 1 x 90'
  • Director: Michał Jaskulski & Lawrence Loewinger
  • Producer: Metro Films
  • Broadcaster: RTS
  • Awards: Best Documentary @ St-Louis International Film Festival, Best Documentary @ Jersey City International Film Festival...