Inside the raid


This film describes the raid on the Hyper Kosher in Paris in January 2015 just a few days after Charlie Hebdo Shooting. We discover the involvement of the French government, different conflicts between various intelligence services, and the impact on the French and international medias. We follow simultaneously two tracks of terrorists: brothers Kouachi, the executors of Charlie Hebdo Shooting and Amedy Coulibaly, the hostage taker of the Hyper Kosher, and how they were organized and connected together. This is the inside story of the one of the most spectacular and dramatic raid in the present times, with archives, testimonies of antiterrorist judges, members of the intelligence services and victims.

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  • Genre: Investigation History
  • Length: 52'
  • Director: Philippe Pichon
  • Producer: Vladimir Donn
  • Broadcaster: RMC Découverte