Tampon, our closest enemy


This is an international investigation shining a light on the dangers of tampons. Cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome are increasing around the world, compelling women who have been victims of the syndrome to share their testimony. Thanks to independent studies and tests, we know now that tampons contain dioxins, toxic components, 10 of which are among the most dangerous chemicals classified by the WHO.

While women use average 11,000 tampons in their lives, the taboo surrounding menstruation is still omnipresent. We travel to the US, Netherlands, France and Belgium to meet scientists and victims.

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  • Genre: Investigation Lifestyle
  • Length: 1 x 52'
  • Director: Audrey Gloaguen
  • Producer: Dreamway Productions
  • Broadcaster: France 5, Téléquébec, RTBF, RTS, TVN...
  • Awards: Best Documentary at California Women's Film Festival 2018