Wild Mediterranean


WILD MEDITERRANEAN is the series of 6 one hour episodes. In the heart of the Europe there is a special world, where bears and eagles still live free among the remains of a distant past. It is a true treasure-trove of biodiversity that, from the Alps to the beautiful islands facing Africa, is home of inestimable richness, thousands of species of plants and animals, including the continent’s largest predators. This is the Mediterranean: here, a wild heart still beats side by side to art and history.

This is the land where you can encounter Brown Bears stealing carrots from horses, Deer grazing in the gardens and orchards of small villages, Snake Eagles nesting close to the necropolis of the Etruscans, Gulls nestings on the Colosseum and a new breed of predators, ibrid wolf and dogs which hunt wild boars and sheep.

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  • Genre: Nature
  • Length: 6 x 52 min
  • Director: Frencesco Petretti
  • Producer: Michela Cherchi
  • Broadcaster: RAI, TVP, ERT, RTP...