A Tale of Two Thieves


August 1963. Sears Crossing, Buckinghamshire. Fifteen men pull off “The Great Train Robbery,” netting today’s equivalent of £45 million. THAT WE ALL KNOW.

Despite the books and TV specials we’ve never heard the actual INSIDE STORY, as no one’s ever learned the identity of the missing mastermind – the elusive and mysterious “Ulsterman.” UNTIL NOW

Over 50 years after the heist, one of the robbers, Gordon Goody, has finally agreed to go fully on record and reveal all the unknown facts about that fateful night and his life of crime, including the identity of the “mythical” Ulsterman. The Ulsterman has gone down in British criminal history as the man who walked away and disappeared into the ether with over £2 million pounds. Welcome to A Tale of Two Thieves. In this film he is identified for the first time.

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  • Genre: Investigation Features History
  • Length: 75 min
  • Director: Chris Long
  • Producer: Simon Howley
  • Broadcaster: SBS, RTBF, Chanel One, TF1, ERT, Spiegel TV, UTV, Movistar+, Al Jazeera, Curiosity Stream, Netflix US...