Sex Slaves in the Catholic Church


This investigation reveals that thousands of nuns were sexually abused for decades by priests across all continents. From 1994 until 2015 the Vatican was alerted by internal confidential reports about churchmen that regularly rape nuns in more than 23 countries. These reports have been hushed up and the rapists continue to harm freely. With the complicity of the ecclesiastical courts, their victims have been reduced to silence,  sometimes pushed to abort, often excluded from their community. For the first time the victim nuns, their superior mothers, priests and rapists break the silence to testify to these systemic sexual abuses.

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  • Genre: Investigation
  • Length: 2 x 52' & 1 x 90'
  • Director: Marie-Pierre Raimbault and Eric Quintin in collaboration with Elisabeth Drevillon
  • Producer: Eric Colomer
  • Broadcaster: Arte, LCP, RTBF, VTM, RTS, SRF, Radio-Canada, RTVS, Planete, RTVE, TVC, SBS...