Adventures in Science


Emilie and Marie-Pier are two young scientific journalists. For them science is more than an occupation, it’s a real passion. Together they travel the world to meet some of the greatest scientists: astronomers, volcanologists, archaeologists… As they are trying to find answers to big questions facing modern science and address the major challenges of tomorrow’s world: life on mars, dinosaurs, global warming, volcanoes, dark matters…

These scientists won’t be in their laboratory or in their university as they meet them in the field, and in the some of the most beautiful places in the world (Hawaii, Canada, Chilli, Polynesia, South Africa…). They will tell us the stories with the biggest telescopes in the world, and discover the heart of the largest machine ever built by man in pursuit of the invisible.

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  • Genre: Nature Science
  • Length: 10 x 52' in 4K
  • Director: Emmanuel Descombes & Damien Augeyrolles
  • Producer: MDAM
  • Broadcaster: Ushuaia TV, RMC Découverte, Ici Explora, Discovery Poland, HRT, Red Media, VME... __________________________________ Available also in Spanish Version