Polynesia: A unique underwater ecosystem


If Moorea Island is a paradise for tourists, it is also one for the scientists. It’s between two research stations, an American one and a French one, that Marie-Pier and Emilie met for this episode of “Adventures in Science”. Researchers around the globe flock on the island to study the inhabitants of this French Polynesian Eden. From mosquitoes to the majestic whale, from its clear water to its plants full of chlorophyll, everything here is scrutinized. It gives us a chance to understand the impact of human activities on this precious ecosystem. A complex ecosystem comparable to much bigger but less accessible territories, allowing researchers to work in a real open-air laboratory. For Marie-Pier and Emilie, it’s an opportunity to measure the real impact of human activity on the balance of an ecosystem in real-life.

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  • Genre: Science
  • Length: 52'
  • Director: Emmanuel Descombes
  • Broadcaster: Ushuaia TV, RMC Découverte, Ici Explora