Around The Globe: Island Treasures


The Tobago Cays are a cluster of five small desert islands in the Caribbean. For many boaters, it’s a cruising step. For locals, it’s a source of income.

The Malboroughs Sounds are a serie of bays and isolated islands. The island counts forty inhabitants and it takes 1h30 by boat to go to the nearest grocery store.

Desirade is one of the small islands of Guadeloupe, like the island of Terre-de-Haut, Saintes. It is a rock of five square kilometers, where live less than two thousand inhabitants who have to adapt by developing the tourism industry.

Vlieland has a thousand inhabitants, it is the smallest of the Wadden Islands, which form the wildest archipelago of the country. An outdoor music festival takes place every year for three days when the warm weather arrives.

In the northeast of the archipelago, there is an island called Pulau Ubin, far from any urban civilization. There are farms named Kampongs on ten km2 of non-urban areas. A dozen inhabitants live in these remote villages.

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