Around The Globe: Paths of tastes


In Singapore, food is a real religion. All the gastronomies of the world are present there. Our culinary journey takes us to the Lao Pa Sat market, at Geyland or Marina Bay Sands.

In Peru, natural products are used for cooking as well as for dyeing. Like the culture and history of the country, gastronomy is renowned to the point of attracting not only tourists but also chefs.

Portuguese colonization has permeated history, but also the food of the country. A cooking school was created by Josenilton, in order to perpetuate the Bahian culinary traditions.

Most Indians are vegetarians. They consume mostly vegetables and spices. In the streets, there are stands that offer real Indian cuisine that are, unfortunately, threatened to disappear.

95% of Laotian people eat fried or boiled insects. Eating insects is part of the gastronomic heritage. Nevertheless, livestock farming remains artisanal in the country.

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