Advertisements haven’t disappeared from TVs just yet, but the war of brands is now taking place on a different screen. The war being waged is a digital one. No brand can ignore the power of social networks – 2 billion users in the world, an unbelievable sounding board. Social media has changed the rules of communication between brands and consumers. The digital era knows no respite, everything happens in real time, there is unrelenting exposition and interaction in terms of image and reputation. So how can brands successfully engage with social media? Firstly, they must be transparent and attentive to their customers. We will show you how McDonalds France has managed to do so. Brands must also be exemplary and give meaning to their businesses, which is what you will discover with IBM in the US. And most of all, brands must be able to adapt themselves to the codes of communication inherent and particular to social media. There is a new digital language to learn. In the digital age, the future belongs to conversational brands.

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  • Genre: Economy
  • Length: 26 min
  • Director: Jean-Pierre Montanay
  • Broadcaster: BFM TV