Face to Face


Face to Face  is a series of comparative portraits featuring two well-known figures, seen through the prism of their rivalry. Adversaries, opponents, the best or worst of enemies… they have all been groundbreaking leaders in their fields : politics, science, technology, economy or the arts.

For each of them, their rivalry became a driving-force and a constant challenge. The scale and scope of their contention went far beyond mere personal antagonism, and the results of their confrontation have often changed society and deeply impacted our lives.

This rivalry is extensively analysed : how did it start? What were the causes? Was it real or cunningly orchestrated? To what extent did truces, treachery, jealousy or injury play a part? What were the repercussions, either positive or negative?

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  • Genre: Art Economy History
  • Length: 15 x 52 min
  • Broadcaster: France 5, Avrotros, Sky Italia, ZDF, Spiegel TV, DR, TG4, SVT, RTVS, MBC, NHK, Al Jazeera, National Geographic, Amazon, Netflix, Niconico, Curiosity Stream...
  • Awards: Prix Export 2017