Airbus vs Boeing


The story of the rivalry between Boeing and Airbus is no doubt one of the greatest human and technological adventures of the 20th century. A modern-day western, with the protagonists trying out every underhand trick and bluff possible to achieve their aims. But it is also a story of power and influence, driven by geopolitical ambitions and struggles, where deals and contracts define a country’s force across the world. A truly global story, embodying and revealing the transformation of a bi-polar world into a globalised society, in which the industrial giants are both players and witnesses. The film features exclusive interviews with Fabrice Bregier and Tom Enders (current Airbus directors), Phil Condit (Boeing CEO, 1997-2004) and Denis A. Muilenburg, the current president of the American aerospace company.

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  • Genre: History
  • Length: 52 min
  • Director: Patrick Barberis
  • Producer: Amélie Juan
  • Broadcaster: France 5