Castro vs Guevara:
A Friendship Tested by Revolution


Che Guevara, the radical thinker, and Fidel Castro, the political animal… could they ever share the image of the liberating saviour of Latin America ? Did Che Guevara, the diehard combatant, set off towards certain death in Bolivia ? Or did the manipulative Fidel Castro progressively abandon his increasingly dangerous brother-in-arms in order to maintain his own authority ? From the birth of a revolutionary friendship in Mexico to the exploitation of an iconic image in Havana, this duel is a fascinating game of chess, where lies and manipulation and internecine power struggles completely changed the rules of the game

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  • Genre: History
  • Length: 52 min
  • Director: Anne Charlotte Gourraud
  • Producer: Arnaud Mauduy
  • Broadcaster: France 5