Kalashnikov vs M16:
A Deadly Duel


A duel to the death… A combat between two inventions. Two deadly weapons. This time, our « duellists » are not men, but objects which largely surpass the fame and notoriety of their inventors. They come face to face not in offices and markets, but in battlefields. The two mythical weapons have been facing off for some 60 years…

This devastating confrontation began with the war in Vietnam and Cambodia, then the Arab-Israeli conflict and Lebanon, and continued with the Iran-Irak war, Afghanistan’s battle against the Soviets, and then the American intervention in Irak… Wars that caused hundreds of thousands of casulaties among both soldiers and civilians. What next ?

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  • Genre: History
  • Length: 52 min
  • Director: Frederic Tonolli
  • Producer: Arnaud Hamelin
  • Broadcaster: France 5