Pepsi vs Coca: The Battle of the Century


Pepsi vs Coke: a duel between giants which has lasted for more than a century, at a cost of billions of dollars. Pepsi vs Coke: a hundred-years-war with unparalleled socio-economic stakes, countless victims, spies, underhand manoeuvres, truces and renewed attacks. Pepsi vs Coke: a war of raging thirsts opposing two ultra-rich multinationals determined to dominate the world’s drinks business.

When one attacks, the other counter-attacks. Endless battles between the two soft drinks giants in a war that never stops… A confrontation between two brand names that have come to symbolize the American way… More than ever, and despite the numerous twists in the tale, Pepsi vs Coke is a unique and troubling  contest riddled with cynicism, heroism and fascinating hostility… A combat born in the South, on the ruins of the American Civil War…

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  • Genre: History
  • Length: 52 min
  • Director: Nicolas Glimois & Thomas Risch
  • Producer: Arnaud Hamelin
  • Broadcaster: France 5