Giggle Gallery


“Giggle Gallery” is a comedy series recreating world famous paintings. From Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, to Andy Warhol’s “The Shot Marilyns”, the characters of these masterpieces come to life through funny sketches on rebuilt sets and in redesigned costumes. Each episode tells an amusing story and takes viewers on a journey to discover the most famous paintings. “Giggle Gallery” is a place where the art laughs out loud!

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  • Genre: Art
  • Length: 60 x 3'
  • Director: Fabrice Maruca
  • Producer: Fouzia Kechkech
  • Broadcaster: Arte, SRF, Ceska TV, RTL, Bilibili...
  • Awards: Prix Spécial Format at MipFormats 2019, Grand Prix Des Medias 2018, Pyrénées d'Or 2018 at Luchon TV Festival, Best short format series at Fiction Festival 2017 at La Rochelle