Hitler & Stalin: a secret relationship – part 1


January 30th, 1933: Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany. While he creates a void around himself, eliminating all opposition, Stalin, who has led the Soviet Union for four years, tries desperately to make peace with him. After repeatedly refusing, Hitler agrees in 1939 to sign the non-aggression pact proposed by his Soviet counterpart. The carving up of Poland represents the consummation of their marriage. The two dictators partition the country between them. Despite promises of friendship from both sides, there is an atmosphere of mistrust. In his 1925 manifesto Mein Kampf, Hitler outlined his desire to destroy the USSRBut Stalin only becomes fully aware of the danger in 1940, when Germany invades France. However Stalin hoodwinks himself and persists, refusing to believe Hitler will betray him.



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  • Genre: History
  • Length: 1 x 52'
  • Director: Michael Prazan
  • Broadcaster: France 2