On The Edge


“On the Edge” is an adventure & science series on exceeding oneself. How much can the mind persuade the body to keep going beyond the point the body is signalling to stop? Some men can achieve remarkable performances. However, are they accessible to ordinary people? Are we aware about our body’s exceptional abilities?

A survival instructor and an engineer, Marc Mouret has 100 days to sharpen his body and mind to take on extraordinary challenges: swimming in a very cold water, climbing 6600 m mountain, flying at the speed of a fighter jet, free diving down to 30 m… Each episode focuses on one challenge and Marc’s physiological functioning and physical perception through accessible scientific explanations.

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  • Genre: Science
  • Length: 6 x 52'
  • Producer: Laurent Ramamonjiarisoa
  • Broadcaster: Planète+, TV5 Canada, National Geographic, LTV, Discovery Poland, HRT, VME, Curiosity Stream... __________________________________ Available also in Spanish Version