Butterfly Effect


What would we be today without Copernicus or Darwin? What would Europe look like if Churchill had not entered the war against the Nazis, or if the fall of the Berlin Wall had not happened? A grain of sand can change the course of History. The Butterfly Effect tells the big History through the tiny events that have changed the face of the world. Each episode is an invitation to relive a page of our history through spectacular reconstructions and the most innovative graphic technics designed by talents working for the studios like Pixar or Double Negative.

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  • Genre: History
  • Length: 39 x 26 min
  • Director: Pierre Lergenmüller
  • Producer: Jean Mach & Nicolas Lesoult
  • Broadcaster: ARTE, Radio-Canada, Curiosity Stream, RTP, AMC, SRF, RTS, Discovery, SBB, Histoire, Canal 14, Kultura TV, Al Jazeera, TVB, NHK, TV Ciudad...

    Available also in Spanish Version